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Equine Facilitated Counseling

With The "Stages" of Changes
Kellie Schriver, LCDC - Currently Booked

Pinnacle Therapeutic Riding Center has partnered with Kellie Schriver, LCDC and her program, "The Stages of Changes". 

Each session is planned with the participant’s specific needs and goals in mind. All sessions offer the opportunities for hands-on interaction with the horses which involves completing tasks, behavioral observation, nonverbal communications, problem solving, experimenting, creativity, and execution of responsibility. Participants “learn by doing,” discovering much about themselves and learning appropriate ways to face their difficult situations.

Most activities are done from the ground, using the EAGALA Model, working through The “Stages” of Change format. We also incorporate The Natural Lifemanship model, that can include horseback rhythmic riding as a part of the equine experience.

Prior horsemanship knowledge or skills are not necessary.
  • Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents

  • Life Coaching

Group or Family
  • Corporate Team Building

  • Group or Family Therapy

  • Horse Experiences for Couples and groups

Please visit for more information. 

Shelley Raymond, LPC - Currently Booked

Horses help us learn a new approach to build a deeper connection in relationships, which develops confidence and more understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. The “Stages” of Changes utilizes both the physiology and psychology of the horse to heal the physiology and psychology of the human. Shelley works as a team with Kaley Millender, equine instructor, to facilitate the experiential and therapeutic relationship between the horse and the human. Shelley Raymond is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She works with individuals, adolescents, families, and couples, facilitating healing from anxiety, panic attacks, attachment pain, depression, trauma, addictions, self-compassion and healthy boundaries. She is trained in Natural Lifemanship, EMDR, Gottman Level 2, Emotional Focus Therapy Level 1 and pet therapy. She has her Masters from Dallas Theological Seminary and her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the George Washington University.

Experience the Benefits of Equine Therapy:

  • A somatic sensational understanding, moving past our intellectual awareness

  • Opportunity to experience our individual behavioral patterns and re-examine

       their usefulness to us

  • Receive a no shame, “judgment free” heart felt connection with a living

       emotional being

  • A heart-synchronized relationship which helps support self-regulation                                                               and well being for the human and the horse

  • Feel immediate results and deep bodily insight regarding energy and how                                                        to ask for what we need in a relationship that considers both partners equally

“There is something about the outside of the horse is good for the inside of a man.”
Winston Churchill

Contact Shelley: (214) 702-9730 or

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